Selling serialized items on multiple websites

I have a small business (which is getting bigger) where we sell products that are serialized, think laptops, phones, etc. I sell them on websites like eBay, Amazon, and BackMarket where I can’t list products serial numbers. But I also sell on websites that list products serial numbers, like Swappa. And I use Shipstation to manage shippings.

I’m facing tough time to manage huge number of sales and log which specific serial number got sold and which got returned. I’m currently managing it thru excel in a very bad way.

I currently have a worksheet that lists all of the serial numbers I have on hand, and another sheet which lists the serial numbers I sold with the platform name I sold at, the selling price, customer name, etc. I made my life a bit easier by writing small programs to automate some part of it. But when a product comes as return from a customer, I just remove it from second sheet and I loose precious information that way.

Is there a solution that can help me reduce my time spend on managing my inventory in a better and efficient way, and spend time on other stuff?

I can let go Swappa (which only lists products by serial numbers) because it doesn’t have any API to automate any of it.

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