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One day, I was scrolling through LinkedIn and happened to stumble upon a’s newly welcomed employee. This persons who’s name I will not mention was hired a few days after she quit her role at who is based out in San Francisco to join the team.

At the time, was actively seeking US vendors to “express ship” products directly to customers. The founders and board all came to the realization that Chinese vendors where not reliable and are super misleading on product listings and shipping lead times.

Going back to the hiring of person “x”, her job was to mainly find US dropship suppliers to sell product on the platform and ship directly to the consumer. So that wish can eliminate Chinese vendors.

After connecting on LinkedIn I rapidly had a phone conference with person “x” in the next 2 hours. If I am not mistaken I connected with person “x” at around 9am EST on my way to the office while I was riding the train, and had a phone conference by 11am EST. (Note she was living in California) she was up early working hard.

Comes 11am, me and the buyer have an amazing phone call and it was if there was a match made from heaven. We had looking for US dropshippers and an eager 20 year old boy in nyc looking to expand his vendor matrix for his jewelry business. Both parties are thrilled with joy.

Fast forward one month, I became the first US dropship jewelry supplier on I was supplying cheap, good quality jewelry pieces on the platform. We were pushing a lot of sterling silver earrings and sterling silver necklaces…….customers were loving the product,price,and shipping time frames. everything was just great.

We kept a strong business relationship with for about 1 year. we were doing about 30K USD in sales on a month to month basis with solid profit margins.

The buyer kept urging me that the only way to increase and take the business to the next level was to start pouring money into there new “beta” advertising tool. I wasn’t fond of the idea to begin with because I have always had bad experiences with ppc but decided to do it anyway since we had a great relationship with the site.

Here is where the story starts to take a turn- after pouring and reinvesting our money into the platform, while using the ad tool the buyer had urged me to do, our listings on the the account just go dead. Literally dead. We went from shipping about 100 profitable orders a day to 0.

When I looked deeper into the situation, all of my listings went Into a ”sold out” status over night. Which meant none of the listings were active on site. When I tried to allocate more stock to the listings to remove them from a “sold out” status Notning would update.

Like anyone else would do, I reached out to the team on numerous occasions explaining the tech difficulties that I was experiencing but nobody seemed to be responding or getting back to me. All of the sudden my close friends at wish were no longer talking to me or even doing any business. I was left in the dark for about 5 months.

5 months later I get a random email from this person at who was like the head of relations at I demanded a phone call at his earliest convenience as I wanted some clarity as to what went on previously.

Long story short, he told me that he fired the whole express team @wish and wanted to focus on allowing the vendors to build the Buisness on their own without the help of‘s staffing. On the call I explained to him how my listings were all shut off and would like to turn them back on. He told me he couldn’t do so and that all the money I poured into the advertising tool was gone and that I would have to start ALL OVER if I wanted to continue selling on the platform.

This was my experience with A behind the curtains story. I posted this Bc someone earlier had posted a question related to and I thought some of you way be interested in a little story.

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