Payment processors who do not hold your payments!!!!??????

So I've just setup Stripe and connected to my ecommerce website only to find out that they hold your money for 7 days after each transaction…. THIS IS HEART BREAKING!!

I run a dropshipping business and my suppliers need to be paid instantly in order to process the payment. There is no way I can wait 7 days to access my money.

Does anyone know of any better payment process that does not hold your money up at all? I need something that will allow me to have access to the money instantly…. in order to pay my suppliers.

I spoke to Stripe and they mentioned Stripe Standard Connect but thats just a headache for my suppliers. It means that they have to setup a Stripe account and the payment would go straight to them rather than me. And then they have to pay a small fee on each transaction as well (as far as I can understand – correct me if Im wrong, I've literally just read up on it now)

Any other payment processors would be great. Thanks

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