Require General Ecommerce Advice

Hey Everyone,

This is a very long research request!

I hope you're all well. I've been building an ecommerce presence and wanted to find out your thoughts, opinions and suggestions. My aim is to have my site complete and ready for the beginning of November.

At the moment, I've been working with a web designer on my site and would like to know what you think so far. If there is anything that could be improved or adjusted?

Second, I want to know if its possible to integrate Mailerlite's email automation service with a Wix site. I've had a look into this and know that its possible. However, I want to use the automation for other features on the Wix site such as the abandoned cart feature. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Last thing. Below is a list of potential names for my business. Which one do you feel suggests I carve wooden jewellery and items from recycled and seasoned woods? Any other suggestions are welcome.

  1. Dom's Trinkets
  2. Dom's Natural Carvings
  3. Dominic's Carvings & Trinkets
  4. Dom's Crystals & Carvings
  5. DJA Carvings
  6. Dom's Carvings & Crystal Healing

If this is allowed, I'd like to know you're thoughts.

I look forward to reading your responses =)

Many Thanks

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