0.29% Conversion Rate – Please Read, Thank you.

Hi! I’m gonna try to go into detail here as much as possible. If you can spare the time, please read through it and give me all your thoughts and feedback. I appreciate it so much, thank you in advance.

I’m 15 years old and I’m running my second store –

As you can see from the title my store’s conversion rate is very low. So far I’ve used instagram theme pages for promotion and I’ve gotten a lot of traffic and made 5 sales ($209.63 in revenue) I’ve done two promos, Promo A was last monday October 12th and Promo B was this monday October 19th. I’m gonna go into detail as much as I can and talk about the numbers between both promos and the differences between them so you can have the best understanding.

So with Promo A, I spent $84 between 4 Theme Pages. $20 for a page with 152k followers and 14% Engagement rate, $30 for a page with 410k followers and 5% Engagement Rate, $30 for a 221k followers and 5% Engagement rate, $4 for a page with 7.2k followers and 116% engagement rate.

The first three promos were a Feed Post, story post + swipe up , and link in bio. Last one was a story promo and link In bio. They we’re all 24 hour promos. The product I was promoting were the LED Lamps and the page all links led to was –

With Promo A I had 487 Online store sessions and 439 Visitors. I had 19 adds to the cart, 9 reached checkout, and 2 converted. 4 days later I was able to recover one abandoned cart. Total Sales were $158.66. Profit was -$3.02 after fulfilling the orders.

It was nice to see I got a few sales but I knew I had to make some changes with the next promo I did.

These were some of the changes and differences were: I notice on the add to cart button there was a lock symbol. It looked like this: “ 🔒Check Out” . Customers weren’t locked or blocked from checking out, it was merely just a symbol but I thought some people might get thrown off by it or think it was an issue so I changed the symbol to an arrow so it looked like “➡️Check Out”.

I also Disabled order notes cause on mobile you’d have to scroll down a bit to see the add to cart button.

I made more changes for Promo B and I’ll explain them shortly.

For Promo B I only used one theme page with 207k followers, an engagement rate of 18.15% , and I paid $40 for a feed post, story + swipe up, and link in bio for 24 hours.

I made sure that the theme page promoted the fact that we were having a flash sale of 50% OFF and that if they used the discount code they’d get free shipping at checkout. The caption on the feed post was “50% OFF TODAY ONLY 👀+ FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ✈️ When you use code “NARA” at checkout 💫 CLICK THE LINK IN BIO Last time they had a sale they sold out in 4 hours so I’d recommend getting in quickly🔥 LINK IN BIO” The caption I used for Promo A was a medium length description of my product with some emojis.

I wanted my store to match our offer so I added a countdown timer as an announcement bar that started when the promo did and ended 24 hours afterwards. I also added a countdown timer on the products but an issue is that I couldn't set a set start time and end time for the product pages countdown timer so I had them set between 12-8 hours(probably shouldn’t have) The landing page was also –

Also on the cart page, I added another countdown timer and it’s still there so feel free to take a look. The countdown timer wasn’t on the cart page for Promo A.

441 online store sessions, 407 visitors. 39 added to cart, 13 reached checkout, and 2 converted. Revenue was $85.96 , profit was $10.69 after fulfilling orders.

One very interesting difference to me is that the one page I used with promo B was able to bring almost the same amount of traffic, 20 more add to carts, 4 more people to reach checkout than the 4 pages I used for Promo A when combined had 538k more followers than the one page for Promo B.

Some of the changes I plan on making are using a premium theme (prestige most likely), adding a buy now button, and making shipping free.

I’m also considering deleting vitals and getting rid of some of the add ons to make the store look a bit more sleek and then just using a different app for upsells or quantity breakers.

Other than that I’m not really sure what changes to make and where so please if you have any advice, strategies, and recommendations as to what I should do please let me know. Go ahead and be as blunt and honest as possible. Take a look at my store and comment on literally anything. I welcome and appreciate all feedback and if you have more questions please comment and I’ll reply as quickly as I can. Thank you so much!

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