Woocommerce with Web Dev Agency vs Shopify, which one should I use for building an eCommerce website?

Posted a few days about this, just require some clarity and advice

Some context: I am building an online e-commerce store for modern children's toys. The website will have more than 200+ products. I am not trying to build just an eCommerce website, each product will also have an in-depth review and overview of the product. Features and Functionality the website will have:

Online Marketplace, Rental option, In-depth review and overview of each product, reservation and booking functionality, one-click checkout, real-time shipping rates, standard as well as dropshipping, and other customisable functionalities.

My question is can I make a website as good as or even better than what Shopify provides?

I know I have to hire a good web agency which I am in the process of hiring. But can woocommerce deliver with the help of good plugins and their integration with the help of a web developer? Be bug-free, have good speed and performance, responsiveness and integration of functionality and plugins? Can this be achieved with the help of a web agency, managed hosting, CDN, good server management system, etc

Also which would be more cost-effective in the long run with all the maintenance and plugins? I know Shopify is also not cheap with the basic 30$ monthly fee + monthly plugins fee. There are also some other issues that I have with Shopify such customizability, scaling, the fact that one does not fully own the store, and double transaction fee charged by Shopify on every sale.

Would love your input on this. Also, can someone suggest good premium themes and templates for woocommerce?


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