Adding 3,000+ internal links to 350+ product pages – Does it make sense?

This is for you eCommerce website and SEO masters out there.

I'm working on improving the on-page SEO for – an eComm store that sells skincare products (lotion, shampoo, soap, etc.) and raw ingredients for making skincare products (essential oils, additives, preservatives, etc.).

A lot of the Skincare Products they sell are made with ingredients that they sell on their website.

Website Specs

  • ~350 Product Pages for Skincare Products (products with >1 ingredients) (Example: Muscle Gel)
  • ~400 Product Pages for Raw Ingredients (single ingredients) (Example: Cetearyl Alcohol)
  • 17.8K Keywords (keywords in top 100 organic SERPs)
  • 80K+ monthly users

Each product page for a skincare product has an Ingredients Tab that lists all of the ingredients in the product (just like the label on the back of a shampoo bottle).

I'm considering adding internal links on the skincare product pages for all of the ingredients that can be bought on the website.

Each of the 350 Pages for Skincare Products will gain an additional 5 to 25 outbound internal links. Some of the more commonly used ingredients (alcohol, coconut oil, lavender) may end up gaining up to 200+ inbound internal links (internal backlinks). This may add ad additional 3,000+ internal links to our website.

Here are my thoughts:

Pros – Google will better understand our website – Ingredient pages will gain more entry paths – Users will be able to easily navigate to an ingredient for informational or transactional purposes

Cons – UX may be decreased. Adding html to the ingredients may create a poor experience for users that don't know how to use Paste Without Formatting. – Google may penalize us for link-stuffing (if that is even a thing) – Links can easily break if ingredients are pulled from inventory and redirects aren't implemented – May cause problems down the road for site admins having to manage/update broken links

Upfront Cost – 3 hours of work

Return on Investment – ???

I am still beginner/intermediate when it comes to ecomm sites and SEO.

Can you give me additional insight? Would it help or hurt us? Would it have any impact at all?

Thank you so much. I am open to any and all feedback.

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