Where to start to get initial visitors?

I’ve set up my e-commerce store selling for local market only. (Furniture products. So delivery possible only locally) Still in the product data entry stage adding products. But it’s time to consider the next step. Which is to get visitors to visit my online store.

Also create an Instagram business account and Facebook page. But still blank except for cover images and info. No posts yet. I’m clueless how to start with those since I’m not really a social platform user. Never really posted anything before. Even personally.

Already have plans to list on popular e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, which is similar to Amazon but more popular locally. Each with commissions of 10% or more. But already huge user base. Cons will be it will be reduce to whoever is cheaper gets the sale type of situation there. Effort to export products cross platforms is also underway with paying someone to work on it.

Ultimately, I hope to get a steady flow of traffic to my own site.

I would like to ask for advice for the following area.

  • I know that Facebook ads platform (Facebook and Instagram) is the way to get traffic in current times. But I have not used it before. So would like to ask where can I find reliable and good from scratch tutorials/resources to read up to learn. Meanwhile, I’m also contemplating the idea to hire someone to launch the first round of ads so I can learn from it and also understand the flow of it. Read around here that I can go Fiverr / Upworks to hire someone to do it. But the prices range from Lows to 200/hr type. What should I look for when trying to find someone on these platforms and what kind of costs should I be looking to pay for this?

  • Should I consider Google ads too?

  • What kind of Budget/amount of money should I be prepared to allocate and spend for the above? At least for the first round of ads.

  • What other methods to get visitors to my site?

I understand that getting traffic to a new site is an expensive process. But I would like to know what kind of costs should I be mentally prepared to spend minimum for eg a week or month.

My budget is limited and I try to plan and allocate funds to each purpose as efficiently as I can.

Would appreciate any help and advice given! Thanks!

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