Who is packing your products? Need some advice.

Hey, hope someone can give us some advice based on their experience.

Basic details: we pack and ship by ourselves (not using any 3PL) and we are not selling on amazon yet (but planning to).

The way we do things now: our supplier ships the products to us that are not packed in cardboard boxes – or any other type of packaging that you could use to just put a label on it and ship the product. We use customized cardboard boxes with our logos and print (we get them from a local manufacturer in Europe), we put the product inside as well as all types of inserts – and then we put the label and send it.

The question: does it make more sense to actually let our supplier do all that job for us – putting the inserts inside a cardboard box (which would be made in China) and then just ship to us ready to be sent packages?

Important note: now one of our brands is switching to only 2 products with 2 different quantity options (let’s say it’s only possible to buy 5 or 10 pcs at a time). There will be no adds on and nothing like that – literally only 4 combinations that can can be sent to a customer.

Also, if we do it this way then would you actually recommend getting inserts/cardboard boxes independently from your supplier (that would be send to them) or should we just let them take care of all of it?

Hope I didn’t make it sound more complicated than it actually is. Thanks in advance!

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