3 Benefits of Oracle’s Browser User Interface for Customer Service

Oracle CX Service’s agent Browser User Interface (UI) is the next-generation agent experience for B2C service environments. The browser UI delivers a modern, streamlined, and user-friendly experience to scale and grow with the demands of your contact center. It’s accessible to agents through any platform, on any browser, regardless of whether they’re on-site, remote, in a retail store, or in the field.

Let’s explore three of the benefits regarding BUI for customer service.

3 Benefits of Oracle’s Browser User Interface for Customer Service

Lower costs with increased efficiency

You lower your costs every second your system performs faster. With Oracle’s browser UI, agents can log in, load screens, and save records faster to reduce agent handle times. They can also use AI to configure workflows and predict which workspaces to load. Plus, when you migrate to browser UI, you can update and manage the workspace real estate to remove the ancillary, distracting clutter from legacy systems, like unused fields and unneeded add-ins. 

Simplify your user experience

Similar to the old joke about how many “whoevers” it takes to screw in a light bulb, how many applications does a customer service agent typically toggle between to answer a single customer inquiry? The browser UI unifies and connects all the front- and back-office data an agent needs into a single interface, so they don’t need to waste time and energy toggling between screens and systems. With all of the applications streamlined within one place, they can access the full customer record and history, from any modern device to drive customer loyalty. 

Adapt to flexible working environments

The last several months challenged customer service environments to adapt and change. Browser UI offers the agility you need while ensuring the security of your data at all times. Migrating from a traditional agent console to the browser UI is a quick, easy win for customer service leaders, particularly during these challenging times when contact centers needed to go remote within days, while onboarding and ramping up new agents in remote environments. 

3 Benefits of Oracle’s Browser User Interface for Customer Service

Almost every service leader wants to improve agent productivity and make the agent’s user experience as simple and seamless as possible to drive revenue and reduce costs. And it’s never been more important than now to enable an agile, adaptive environment.

Learn more about Oracle CX Service or Oracle’s Browser User Interface.

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