How can I better promote a very targeted niche site: e-store selling bags and t-shirts featuring pieces of Soyuz space landing parachute!!

I am looking for advice on ways to get traffic to a very unique yet very niche webstore selling bags and t-shirts featuring pieces of International Space Station Soyuz landing parachutes.( We offer bags with "A piece of space adventure" on the front flap(messenger bags) and we also offer t-shirts with different graphics(Space Junk, Give me Space) with a piece of the parachute sewn on it. I started the business in 2005 and did very well with the space memorabilia community but then started working with Cirque du Soleil on bags made from their big tents and stopped selling Soyuz bags. I literally found a box of bags(30) in the basement with a very large piece of Soyuz space landing parachute and re-launched Soyuz Space Bags but e-commerce has dramatically changed since I started selling bags in 2005. I offer a truly unique and basically impossible to copy business since I actually feature authenticated pieces of space parachute with a letter from the cosmonaut who flew on the mission. I want to re-launch Soyuz with cool t-shirts featuring pieces of Soyuz parachute with a "Give me Space" theme. Any suggestions from the community to jump start sales. This would be much appreciated.

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