Facebook Ban

Hi, I have a problem with Facebook and can‘t find a solution at the moment. So my main account can not be used for Ads anymore, without any reason they deactivated all Business Managers and I can‘t add any. At first I made a new account, I was able to work with it for almost a month but then eventually they shut it down for no reason because of 'violating community guidelines'. My appeal unfortunately got denied. Now I am not able anymore to create accounts, neither on my phone, nor on my Laptop, they either get shut down immediatelly or within an hour. Started using a VPN, but that didn‘t help. So my question is, how does Facebook detect my devices and what can I do to get rid of what they have installed there to recognize me? All help is appreciated!

Note: I have not done anything against community guidelines, I read them and there is not one single thing I didn‘t respect.

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