Fashion designer, pattern maker, tech pack designer & print designer for sustainable clothing for the gym.

Here is the idea:

An Idea about renewable clothing for the gym that will both make your workout more comfortable and easier on the environment. For both Male and females.

Both easy on the eyes and the earth the goal is to make the world a healthier place for everybody by reducing the amount of waste from the clothing industry. The modern minimalist design is designed for harsh workouts. All purchases will have a percentage of proceeds donated to various organizations to continue the fight against various climate issues.


This breezy clothing will be made from recycled polyester, Marino wool, as well as bamboo. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material that grows 2-3ft per day! Our Breezy clothing made from bamboo fiber and mixed with a naturally sourced merino wool. This clothing is meant for the gym but it can be worn at anytime and anywhere.

Here are my concerns and questions, I've never been in the clothing industry and have no experience when it comes to designing. I'm wanting to pretty much turn Gymshark 180 degree to sustainable. How would I go about designing, creating a tech pack, so I'll know a little more about what fabrics to source out. I was thinking about hiring someone off of Upwork or something and give them the idea then design. The least favorite route, what about going straight to Alibaba and searching up Gymshark and asking suppliers if they can change it to sustainable?

Also, I'm taking inspirations from Gymshark, lululemon, girlfriend collective and I'd also like to know if it's okay to have a design similar to theirs because it's not patented and there isn't much to change maybe expect the fabrics used. What would the tech pack look like then?

What steps should I take? Where can I hire people that can get the job done? This is just the first step and I need it done so I can start sourcing fabrics and manufacturers.

Thank you all so much for your time and please consider helping any way that you can.

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