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Hi All,

So I am setting up another store on WordPress/WooCommerce and there are a few things I've had issues with in the past which I assume is my lack of understanding so I'm throwing it over to you guys for recommendations.

  1. WooCommerce has no native inbuilt Fraud Detection (unlike Shopify). What fraud plugins/partners do you guys recommend?
  2. Omnisend is basically best in class email going around at the moment. It plays VERY nicely with Shopify but it does not with WordPress. Example: On shopify if a customer goes through the checkout process and fills in their information but doesn't buy they are automatically added to the email list and can be re-marketed to. Shopify also enables the "Pre Checked/Ticked" box for *subscribe to newsletter*. WooCommerce does not pre-check this box or provide options to do so.
  3. I noticed in some testing on other stores that Omnisend would not add customers to the email list unless they ticked the box in the WooCommerce checkout. Yet Klaviyo for example WOULD add users to the email list even if they did not tick the box at checkout. However I hate Klaviyo and do not wish to use it a 2nd time.
  4. Shipping Fulfillment of orders. I'm sure a lot of us use "Aftership" or apps like it to inform customers as to where their order is and how its going. In Shopify once you "fulfil" an order and upload its tracking 2 things happens. 1 the order automatically fulfils and archives itself and 2 the Aftership plugin pulls that data and sends it to the customer after a while.

I noticed in WordPress it doesn't work like that. In WordPress you add in the tracking to the AfterShip plugin on each order page, hit enter and the info gets pulled. However it does not automatically "complete/fulfill" the order as well. You have to do that manually. So it becomes a 2 step process, tiny but it adds up.

The above are the main issues I'd love suggestions/recommendations/alternative solutions on please.

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