eBay Dropshipping

I came across a store on eBay that greatly intrigued me. He was selling branded products for the same price as retailers. I figured out quickly though he was a dropshipper. He did have a few bundles that he put together of items whose value was much higher than they were worth and he was clearly making money from it. However He had tons of items that were seemingly lower in price than retail or even the same. I don't understand how he could afford to have those products on there? It seems to me he'd be at a loss for selling those. How is he doing this? Is it to feed traffic to his bigger items? Because the bigger bundles seemed to be the highest selling items. But he still was clearly selling a good bit of the smaller items as well. Also how would he get taxed on everything he sells? Maybe thats another topic, but anyways if you have answers to any of these questions it would be appreciated. I have no experience with dropshipping, but I can see this dude is possibly a millionaire from his store with as much items as hes sold. Thanks!

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