How to handle a lot of negative reviews on random review sites? (Eg, Sitejabber)

Nowadays, there are a ton of places where customers can leave disparaging reviews about companies, which puts companies like mine in a tough situation.

Currently, my team is working primarily on Trustpilot and BBB, since these are renown sites, have a ton of customer traffic, significantly affect conversion, and are virtually un-avoidable SEO-wise.

However, there are sites like Sitejabber which are negatively affecting conversion. It's a small, negligible percent of conversion but still, Sitejabber showing up in the search engine results page is frustrating.

And after looking up how Sitejabber works, it's even more frustrating. Apparently, they only publish negative reviews about a business so that the business will register for a Sitejabber account (and subsequently pay monthly for their services) and engage with the negative review. It becomes a vicious cycle that helps Sitejabber bring more traffic and visits to the website. It's their business model and their strategy for increasing traffic to their small, pathetic site.

Does anyone have advice or guidance on how to maintain a business' e-reputation?

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