*LEGAL* What Type of Agreement Would Fit Best for This Business Model?


Our company owns a website and we are looking to promote other businesses and their products on a commission basis. Since we promote their products we technically are the "affiliate", however, they are the ones who come to us.

To clarify, we will provide the e-shop space (put their products on our shop), all the sales will be coming through us, we will keep the smaller portion of the sale (commission), however, and send the rest to the owners of these products.

Question: what kind of agreement shall we sign and provide to these businesses? Regular affiliate contract seems rather strange since they come to us and not vice versa, although we are the ones who will be receiving the commission.

I was thinking about the consignment agreement, but there are no actual real products to be sent or consignment invoices provided since these are digital goods.

Thanks for the insights and your time.

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