For those who ship via FedEx, do you prefer creating labels using the FedEx website or the FedEx Ship Manager app? Which is more useful?

I regularly ship out products from my small business using FedEx Ground. I used to use the FedEx website for entering and processing these shipments, but once I got a Zebra label printer, it worked better to use the stand-along FedEx Ship Manager software that you can install on Windows computers.

However, after using the software for a few months, I've found it to really be lacking. For instance, I can't save the info from frequently sent packages as a Shipment Profile (which saves the weight, dimensions, insurance amt., etc., for a particular shipment for reuse later) in the software, like you can on FedEx's website.

For those who have used both the website and the stand alone software, which do you prefer and which is more powerful and can do more things?

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