Don’t use SafeOpt to target online browsers

This is my opinion as a consumer. Here's why:

This morning I made coffee in my apartment and like every other day I notice how ugly the kitchen floor is, so I start searching online for kitchen rugs. I then leave for a walk and then see an email from The Perfect Rug with a coupon for the rug I was looking at. I didn't give them my email so this is beyond creepy.

The email was sent via SafeOpt, and I'm so disgusted with this creepy email practice that I certainly won't buy from The Perfect Rug. SafeOpt has my email from somewhere, knows that I was browsing on The Perfect Rug website, and used that knowledge to send a browse-abandonment email. I know my data isn't safe online, but this feels like too much.

This guy has the same story, different retailer and explains it much better:

I searched through reddit, and there's one tiny post asking about SafeOpt on here (this sub). I wanted to create this post there's more discussion to be had and to give a more negative presence in case someone is thinking of using SafeOpt for their business.

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