Dropshipping unethical?

Hi everyone,

I know someone who makes serious money with dropshipping, but whenever I see his website and the way he markets his products I just think "are people really this stupid to buy this?" Every product is one Google search away of finding the original Chinese supplier who would sell you the exact same product for a fraction of the cost. The website itself full of spelling mistakes and the copyright infringement stuff is in a dark gray area. The thing is that he still make many times more than when he was working his regular job, without encountering any real existential problems business wise and without working hard.

The consumer of course ultimately receives the product, but it takes many, many days for it to ship and arrive and the quality of the products is really horrible. Is it unethical to sell these products for a much higher markup to consumers? And would you call it a scam? The marketing makes it seem like a much better product.

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