Starting an online legal document prep storefront

So my wife is an attorney, and there are some legal document prep services she wants to sell.

The flow goes something like this:

– She has a product/service listing to prep a given legal document

– customer adds product/service listing to cart, fills in some basic info fields, and completes credit card checkout

– upon checkout, customer schedules an appointment and the form field info the customer populated is thrown into a word document template.

I'm pretty tech savvy, but i've never ventured into the online storefront space. Based on the flow above, I believe I need to set up the following:

– ecommerce storefront (but one tailored to services and not products)

– Form field setup to gather information

– Credit card processor

– calendar scheduling capability

– Some way to take form field info, and throw it into her document templates.

Any suggestions on where to begin to accomplish something like this?

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