Why you shouldn’t use Aliexpress

Hey everyone,

I have been in this sub for a long time and learned a lot from you! So far I always read but never posted. Today I want to share my experiences with you about dropshipping/sourcing from China.

1. My backgroundI currently have two eCommerce sites. One is a boutique clothing site and my latest project is a medical face mask website. Like many of you here, I generate my traffic through Instagram botting, SEO, email marketing and other free/cheap methods.

2. Why you shouldn’t use Aliexpress Thousands of people dropship the same products from Aliexpress. customers are not stupid, they see all the same products over and over again and already know about Aliexpress.

Many of the sellers on Aliexpress are actually just resellers from manufacturers and therefore take their own cut. This means your margin will be lower, since you basically have another person in your value chain.

There are many other Chinese sites that are not as flooded with people and still provide the same or even cheaper prices. I recommend using, and (not affiliated with any of those sites).

All of those sites are mainly in Chinese and Google Translate can help you with that if you don’t speak that language. To make things easier and to get even better prices you could find a sourcing agent (e.g. – again not affiliated) to help you source products directly from the manufacturers. They usually know the difference between a manufacturer and a wholesaler. They’re even able to check the samples directly for you and send you images or videos for you to see.

3. Some additional tips

  • Always order samples before you make a huge order. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is often negotiable, but you have to seem professional.
  • Always try to use e-packet as your shipping method (unless there’s something cheaper and faster)
  • Avoid sourcing any electronics or any product with batteries.

That's all folks.If you have any questions just post below and I'll try answering them.

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