Brick and Mortar buying by Size

We are a brick and mortar store and ecommerce store based on Magento 2.

If we take a helmet. A model called "Helmet A".

Helmet A can have many colors
Helmet A can also have many sizes

Helmet A has many simple products / variants.

In a brick and mortar store, we can't stock all sizes for all colors. This could be over 100 variants of "Helmet A".
So, I assume we need to prioritize size. To make sure we have at least one of "Helmet A" in every size. This way, the client may not like the color, but at least it fits, which means it is a potential sale.

Rather than having many colors, potentially with the wrong sizes. A helmet that doesn't fit, isn't going to be sale.

We have a spreadsheet of all our products. What we need to know is:
"How many of Helmet A, do we have in size S".
"How many of Helmet A, do we have in size M" etc etc etc

Then we can make purchase orders based on size.

This same logic should be applied to helmet categories as well.
"How many dual sport helmets do we have in size S"
"How many dual sport helmets do we have in size M" etc etc.

The question and point of my story

I can't find any reports on any software. No blogs articles. Nothing that attempts to tackle my above suggested report.
I would have thought this is a standard report that most brick and mortar stores would require.

Is there any software that provides such a report, or is what I am suggesting a useless idea and instead I should be focusing on a different concept for inventory control within a brick and mortar store.

All advice welcome


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