How do I ship to a fulfillment center?

Hey guys, I am new to ecommerce and only just recently decided to partner with a 3PL for warehousing and fulfillment. Some of the things I want to send to them cannot be shipped from the vendors I want to use. These are things like roll labels and inserts. In particular, they require a 'Warehouse Receiving Order' label to be attached to the outside of parcels or pallets, and the vendors cannot accommodate this.

So, I have decided to have these items shipped to my house, and then I will send them to the 3PL. This is where I am uncertain – which carrier do I use to send these boxes to one of their fulfillment centers? What is the process if I am shipping to a business vs a residential area? I would only be sending 1 or two boxes which would count as a parcel shipment, but the fulfillment centers only receive inventory through their loading docking stations. Does that even matter?

I am extremely new to this and have never shipped things to another business, so apologies if it appears that I am overthinking the process. Thank you in advance!

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