from B2B to B2C – will my plan work?

Hello reddits,

I own a B2B medical supplies company in Germany. Fortunately, we have had a significantly large volume of sales this year. Unfortunately, we are very short on liquid assets but have large inventory.

Since we operate internationally, the US market has always been very interesting for us. Given the circumstances, we are starting our first B2C platform, a shopify store, in the US with the help of a fulfillment partner. The store is about consumer PPE, such as printed face masks for men, women and kids etc. (not custom printed, just regular designs).

Now my plan is the following: I want to start with only 4-5 products (men's, women's and boy's and girl's disposable masks as well as KN95 masks). People out of my network have told me that this is not really optimal. I understand this, but at the moment I'm forced to get some sales from my inventory before putting new products in production. We also have to get our goods to the fulfillment center in the US which is also costly. That's why I want to put 200 to 1000 units per article and a total of 4-5 articles in the store at first. Start with some paid ads on facebook, instagram and perhaps Google as well as with some influencer shoutouts (regarding influencers, I know it's a hit and miss, I know to carefully study engagement rate and other data and I think I know how to approach them [I have bookmarked a reddit post about it]). We don't really have other products than these 5 different ones as inventory and we know that these currently are fast selling products in the US as well.

We do have some USPs in our products and the store looks professional as well. My goal is simply to sell the inventory and use the cashflow generated by the store to gradually expand the product portfolio. What are your thoughts on this? Can this work given that: 1. the products are of high quality and are unique, 2. the store is user friendly and well designed, 3. the ad campaign is properly done.

Or is this supposed to fail simply because we don't have enough products?

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