How to optimize your woo-commerce store and is it worth to hire a woo-commerce developer?

Proper optimization of your woo-commerce can convert visitors of your website into potential buyers. Customers demand an intuitive and a great experience, and one way to get this is by providing them a website that offers excellent performance and functionality.

There are various ways to optimize a website, and, in this article, you are going to see some of the best ways that you can try out. A bloated website is something that no one would want; you have to turn the site into something exciting and compelling so that people will start visiting it more often and shopping from you more often.

Compress and Resize Product Images

Images are one of the main aspects that help a shopping website to stand out. Shopping sites should ensure that customers get to see the product. They have so many options online, and you have to ensure that they get the best deals on your site, and images are going to play a significant role here. High-quality shots will surely help you stand out from the other shopping sites. You have to click the product image correctly and present it to your customer.

Images of high quality are usually big, and if you have multiple photos, this issue will become even more prominent. Bigger files will take up a lot of time to load, and you have to optimize it according to the search engine requirements.

Compress and resize the product images without quality loss. It is an essential aspect that so many people usually ignore. High-quality photos are necessary, but you have to take care of the loading time too. So, compress the images with the utmost care. There are various tools and software as well that offer easy resizing of images.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

File size optimization is not the only thing that you have to worry about; there is another essential aspect that can result in the slow loading time of your website- location. No matter how to speed the internet is, if the user server is in long-distance from your database server, it will take some time to load. This scenario is the reason why you have to use the Content Delivery Network.

CDN will copy the data present on your website to all the servers present across the world. So, whenever a customer wants to visit your site, the data is sent directly from the server. And this server is close to that particular customer. This feature is significant for companies to attract visitors. However, they are not available for free.

Clean up the Database

Every eCommerce store that you see online will have a massive amount of data present in it. As the number of data increases, the website starts slowing down. It is vital to get rid of such data in the first place for proper eCommerce store optimization.

From draft posts to comments of customers, there is a lot of unnecessary data present in the websites that must be quickly taken care of by removing them. No, cleaning up data won’t make your website perfect or superfast, but it is a small and straightforward optimization technique that will help your site load quickly than usual.

Use Browser Caching

Browser caching is a feature where your website will load quickly on the recurring visitors’ system. This feature is one of the best options that are available out there. You have to configure a local caching solution so that the visitors will get high loading speeds from your website. Some specific tools will enable and help you with this procedure. Be careful with the caching provider you choose here.

Right Hosting Plan

This stage is another vital thing that you have to look out for in this scenario. Most of the small eCommerce stores usually go with shared host plans as it comes at a meager price, but this will have adverse effects on your site. This scenario is the reason why you have to pick the right hosting plan, which will help your website load quickly. You have to invest, but it will provide good hosting for an eCommerce platform.

Is it worth hiring Woo-Commerce Developer?

Yes, it is entirely worth it to hire woo-commerce developer. An expert will help you in all the aspects of your site development. You have to hire a reliable woo-commerce expert developer who is well versed in the site setup and its optimization. This way, you will get an opportunity or a chance to leverage all the features and make sure that you get the maximum outcomes out of your investment.

Key Takeaways

Be it front end or back end development; a skill-full woo-commerce developer will assist you in both of the things. You don’t have to worry about the preciseness or accuracy of the solutions, and you can rest assure as an expert manages all the things.

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