Lost my restaurant due to Covid19… Started a psychedelic record store. How can I improve my store? Feedback much appreciated.

I have unfortunately taken a risk regarding my hospitality career choice but 2020 hasn't been very well for everyone. Things didn't work out and I find myself in a foreign land with a language I carely speak so I had to find something else to supplement my income (the soonest) and just to get something else cracking and started rather than to be depressed.

And so I started a online ecommerce for major and independent psychedelic records to build a following. At the moment I am working with Amazon affiliate and I am aware of affiliate, adsense and print on demand.

I am hoping to get some feedback to how I can improve my store and to further appeal to my target audience – psychedelic music audience and musicians.

Working on building #musicfortripping

Thank you for reading and if you did visit and subscribe to TUNE IN PsyStore then double double thank you.

Stay safe!

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