711 Visitors, 28 Add to Cart = 0 Sales

Hey guys,

I started this shop a week ago. Here are the stats:

I'm not sure what to do next. 0 sales with 28 Add-To-Carts? I can't just keep throwing traffic to my shop. I feel like something's broken.

Shipping is expensive for my product as it's live fish ( Maybe that's why so many people turning away after adding to cart. However, our competitors use the same shipping rates.

I was thinking of somehow reducing the shipping rate and roll in the shipping cost into the product pricing. You know how people love "Free Shipping" even though it's already priced in the product.

What do you guys think though? I'm new to e-commerce. I'm not sure where my shop's performance will trend next. I think there are 2 outcomes at this point:

a) I send more traffic, reduce the cost of traffic (while maintaining quality). Then get 50 add to carts and 1 sale.

b) Improve something in my store in order to increase the conversion rate.

What do you guys think?

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