Looking for feedback!

Hi team! We’re looking for someone to have a look at our site and give us pointers for where we might be missing out on sales. I’ve installed hotjar which has been really interesting, and I’ve already made a few tweaks/planning on tweaking the following:

  • Rebranding (done)
  • new packaging (done)
  • rearranged categories on website
  • taking new, better photos (doing!)
  • taking cup measurements of materials so customers can have a better idea of amounts in the kit (doing)
  • customer photos (doing)
  • add more products (doing)
  • lower prices (done. Although I’m wondering whether the slowness of sales was due to prices or something else. I’m considering introducing a “luxe” category)

I have help from a couple of people with admin and social media, and the designer who helped with the rebranding, as well as my family but everyone is supportive and says the site is great because they’re already on side and also a bit biased! Some helpful constructive criticism would be really appreciated!

Thanks!! [UK Terrariums](

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