Need to Vent about FB Commerce

I just need to vent about this, as I am extremely frustrated. I'm not seeking advice or anything, because I'm not sure anything can be done. I'm really, really, really annoyed.

Here's the (very long) story:

I opened my Etsy shop in March, always been a crafter, quit my job due to COVID (I worked in Catering and my department basically got shut down). I joined Instagram in April to show off progress on things, build a following, and share with other crafters.

I created a Facebook Page in the spring as well.

In September, I decided that I wanted to allow people to shop on Instagram, but have it redirect to my Etsy page. Did some research, learned that I have to open a Facebook Business Account and have it linked to my fb page. Okay, did that. I went through Standard Review in a few days, got my Instagram and FB page linked for sales, uploaded my Catalog, yadda yadda. Only when I tried to tag products on Instagram, it wouldn't let me because my 'domain was incorrect.' Contacted FB support, took a few days to get back to me with a 'here's how to fix it.'

Tried that, and guess what? It didn't work. Then when I tried to access the 'Shop' tab in my FB page, it was gone. Completely gone, and every time I tried to fix it, error message. Viewed my shop as a visitor in an incognito browser, and yes, the entire 'Shop' tab was gone.

SOOOOO. I contacted FB support again. No response for a week. Now I'm annoyed because I really want to be able to tag my products on Instagram, as a lot of Etsy sellers get their traffic through that platform. So I deleted that FB page, changed my Insta back to a Personal Account, and started ALL OVER AGAIN.

Made a new FB page, opened a new Commerce Account, linked everything, created a Google Speadsheet for my Catalog, etc, etc.

I've now been 'Under Standard Review' for 6 WEEKS. At the header it says that it 'can take up to 4 weeks.' I've e-mailed support about it 3 times. The first 2 times, I was re-directed to talk to the person that I spoke with about Instagram not working. I sent a message to her about 10 days ago, no response. Sent another one. No response. I sent my 3rd e-mail to FB Support about a week ago, and have gotten no response whatsoever. Then they have the gall to send me a follow-up survey right away with a 'tell us how wonderful we did.' Yeah, I sent them a survey alright.

I am fed up. I am angry that I've wasted SO much time on something that isn't working. I'm mad at FB for their awful customer service.

Sorry for the long rant. I just had to get it out.


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