Discord server: Would you like to join?

Hello everyone, I've recently created a discord server solely for e-commerce, marketing, or anything in that genre. There are only a few people in it right now and I am hoping to expand the community with like-minded peeps that would love to contribute and receive. *Disclaimer* This group is a safe environment for a wide variety of professions. Such as drop shipping, marketers, supply & fulfillment, etc. I only ask that you keep it professional and SFW, but most importantly respectful, hold integrity and being able to come in with an attitude of giving. If you are interested please send me a message and I will personally invite you to the group. Thank you!


I started this discord channel group based off taking initiative. I am an aspiring e-commerce successor that has been on this topic for about a year now. As I am still in the learning phases of things I thought to myself If I wanted to succeed why don't I surround myself with people that are like me and already have succeeded. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find genuine people that are willing to help with good intentions so I thought I would take the initiative and bring entrepreneurs together while creating a community of people that have the potential to create friendships, businesses together, and whatnot.

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