I just launched my first online store!

Hey everyone!

So I just launched my first online store today officially.

I've always wanted to run an online shop, but after my experience with trying to set one up years ago back when we didn't have things like shopify or squarespace, so it's remained a distant dream for me.

My boss is a good business man, he runs several success companies, and has been more than happy to give me books to read or answer any questions about finances and business. He gave me the push I need last week to figure this whole thing out.

I'm extremely happy with how simple everything was. It's no wonder more and more people are getting into it. The whole process was extremely streamlined and with plenty of documentation for the journey I never really ran into any road bumps.

It's a lot to learn, from running an online store, to understanding photoshop, and how to maximize your presence. My store of course is in the very beginning stages, but I know as time goes on, I will become better at providing a efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for potential customers.

If you guys just wanna poke around, tell me what you think, that would be awesome. I know there's not much to it, I'm still figuring that out. I'm open to any advice or comments you guys may have, I want to get better at this whole thing and the best way is to learn from experience and from others.

Thanks everyone! Let me know what you think!

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