How to strike a balance between great customer service and bending backwards for a customer?

I just started my e-commerce start of this year and it only started growing around April so I’m fairly new. I pride myself on giving great customer service but I think customers might be taking advantage of it.

For example, if customers receive an defective item, I send out a replacement along with a stamped return envelope, w/o asking for the item back first so they can receive their items quicker + don’t need to incur shipping cost upfront. Most have been w/o any issues and they appreciate stamped envelope.

However, I have encountered 2 nasty customers:

  1. customer received replacement but stopped replying my messages & I never received the item back.

  2. customer received replacement but lost the defective item and is not able to send it back to me. She also does not wish to pay for it (in total she received 2 items) and insists it’s my fault for sending the defective item in the first place. In the end she agreed to send the replacement item I sent back and said she’s extremely disappointed with my service and won’t be supporting my shop anymore. (In this case, I can’t help but feel sad I will be losing a customer. )

How do you balance between giving good customer service but not being toooo nice that you get taken advantaged of?

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