How eCommerce support teams collaborate in middle size online stores?

I’m writing research about how agents in eCommerce middle size online stores in US&CA collaborate with their customers and look for participants for my interview. Please, give me a hint If you are an expert or know them.

The main topics for the research are:

  1. Do your agents have working hours when they can answer to customers, or do they answer to them as soon as they can?
  2. Can your agents see and answer for other agent’s dialogues? Do they need to separate customers between themselves and have an ability to switch dialogue to another agent?
  3. What other access rights except answers to customer’s question your agent should have? Could he set up a chat appearance settings or some automatic messages that the end customer will see?
  4. How do you measure your agents effectiveness? Do they have Service-level Agreement (SLA)? Is it interesting for you to know how many dialogues your agent closed? How fast he answers in the chat? When he was online? Are you using some dashboard with all the metrics?
  5. Does an agent's compensation is linked to his KPIs or is it hour-based? Do you have sanctions to discipline them for an SLA violation?
  6. Do your agents use the same templates for quick replies on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?
  7. Do you have a supervisor for your agents (or a shift lead)? How often agents require the supervisor’s attention to their dialogues? Do they need a separate chat group to collaborate with each other?

And other questions that better to talk aloud with an expert.

Long story short, I need to talk with an expert or the person from the industry who knows how it works. Please, let me know if it’s you or you know the person.

I’ll share my research with the participants and publicity when it’ll be ready.

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