What influences a customer to convert?

To answer that question, we need to ask another question "What are our thoughts made of?"

All of our values, beliefs, behaviours, etc are all made up of STORIES.

The stories we tell ourselves about when we were kids, when we were growing up, our bad moments, our good moments, etc.

Everything we think of today is just a story we've believed in.

So if we can try to relate with a customer's storiy, and create a message around it, we can influence them to buy.

Or even better, be a part of one of their stories, it takes a lot to be one of those, but eventually your brand should become an integral story of their life.

It's not a coincidence that Lays wants you to eat them during cricket, or Tanishq wants to be a part of your weddings, or Nike wants to be a part of your athletic endeavours.

It's a big grand scheme of creating a STORY with you.

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