Brand new ebay account permanently banned after attempting to link to shopify…

Hey all,

Not sure where to go to from here – hoping for some assistance.

I've recently set up a shopify store, created an ebay account and attempted to link the two together. Ebay was meant to be a key channel for a fledgling store.

Within 2 days of linking it, I have received a message from ebay stating the following.


MC113 Your eBay account has been suspended

Hello *Store name*

We have reviewed the activity we have seen connected to your account. As a result, your account has been suspended because we believe this activity presents a risk to our eBay community. We do not make this decision lightly. Building a trusted marketplace where people around the world can buy and sell safely is our first priority.
This suspension is permanent and means that you will not be able to participate in any buying or selling activities on eBay. In addition, any other accounts that you own, or that are associated with this account, will also be suspended.
We regret the frustration or inconvenience this may cause you. However, there is no appeal for this decision.
If you have questions about this message, please click Help at the top of most eBay pages.
We appreciate your understanding.


eBay Customer Service


* When I contacted the ebay Customer Service, I was notified that indeed that decision is final, unappealable and that any other ebay accounts fall under the lifetime ban i.e. I'm prevented from operating any and all ebay accounts forever.

My comment that there was no activity on the account fell on deaf ears and the session was terminated by the accounts team.

Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone suggest any next steps?…

Thanks in advance – quite gutted about this turn of events a week from launch…

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