Designing ecommerce transactional emails vs marketing – best practices

I have an ecommerce client I am creating emails for. Most urgently, they need the following emails: order confirmation, shipping confirmation, order cancelled, order refunded, abandon cart, along with the first email of a welcome flow. They've requested these all be in the same format / style, in their words "feel of the same brand – want template for everything from ‘story’ emails to shipping confirmation emails”.

The store is built on Shopify, but I will also share they are a high end, sophisticated new apparel company with a lot of experience in this game. They're investing a lot into their image. Its somewhat minimalist but also colorful and funky. Very street.

What is best practice? For all of the emails I listed above, can I use Shopify's defaults, plugging in their logo? Or is it better to create these transactional emails from scratch?

If I am to do all of this in scratch, what are some tips to make a nice looking email? I'm using Klaviyo but am not much of a designer. They company has great lifestyle photo assets, but I'm not sure where to include that in these order confirmation emails. What are some general tips to bring the design to the next level. Right now my customized template in Klaviyo is just some plain white background with the logo on top and gives their order details. What do I do?

Appreciate any input, also open to compensating someone for their help with this (but I have a very tight deadline). Thanks you!

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