Traffic to website not converting despite 4% CTR

Hello everyone,

I have a small backpack/hangbag brand startup. ( I own the entire brand and I control my supply chain from production (which takes place in Europe) to delivery. I spent the past 6 months setting everything up on the manufacturing and logistics front and I have been running FB ads for 3 weeks now. ( mainly testing ad setups)

After some experimentation, I created an ad setup that provided above average results in terms of CTR, but the traffic to my site is still not converting.

Also, for the first few weeks I simply directed the traffic to the product pages, but recently I started adding landing pages for each individual product, but I'm still unable to get conversions. Here's an example:

Any ideas why the store is not converting? I'm open to all feedback, please don't hold back anything, you can shit all over my site, I just need some new perspectives.

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