What should be my next move?

I recently raised my prices so I could offer free shipping on my site. I have had my website for about a year and it doesn't get a lot of traffic. I am a farmer, my summer farmers markets have ended and I am thinking about winter revenues. I developed a non perishable beef stick specifically so I could sell some of the beef I produce online and ship it easily. I don't have much of a budget for ads, maybe a few hundred dollars I would be willing to spend. I'd like to start small with ads and scale up but that doesn't seem to be the way ad's work. Going from my strengths what do you think my next move should be to increase traffic and conversions. My strengths are a great product, it's in a crowded market but it is unique and clearly the best, an ok Facebook following of 2500 real users, a good brand awareness locally and with search engine results.

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