Please help me set up a 1-product meal kit store

TL:DR- I sell weekly meal kits. They are mostly pickups, with an occasional local delivery. There's only one menu each week, with dessert as an add-on item. I can only do 50 orders each week. Setting up website where I can track inventory on these orders with a dessert option for added cost and the option to add gratuity has been difficult. Any good ideas?

I have a meal-kit business. Essentially, I write a unique menu each week and the meal is available for pickup or delivery every Sunday. It's an all-or-nothing situation, people have to order the whole meal. Dessert is an optional add-on for an additional cost. I'd like to also have optional gratuity.

I've built websites using WordPress, and frankly, I don't have time to go that route right now. I'd prefer to use Squarespace (it's quick to make a very good looking site) but Squarespace has a few issues that I don't know how to solve:

  • If I go with varients for my meal kit product (WITH dessert and WITHOUT dessert) then Squarespace wants each variant to have its own inventory. Not good.
  • If I create a separate dessert product, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to have it display on the meal kit product page as an add-on item. I don't want people to have to find 2 products to add to their cart, and I don't want people to be able to order dessert without the meal kit.
  • Squarespace gives an option for pickup, but still requires the customer to enter their address. Not a deal-breaker but not ideal.
  • There's no option for gratuity.

This led me to consider integrating a Buy Button with Shopify Lite. Extra monthly cost but whatever.
Seems like this would solve the pickup problem and the gratuity problem (I think) but it isn't perfect:

  • If I do product varients (WITH dessert and WITHOUT dessert) Shopify still wants to inventory those items separately.
  • There are "upsell" apps that provide the add-on feature, but they seem to want me to have a dedicated Shopify store. It looks like it won't work with just embedding the Buy Button.

Wix could be an option in theory, but I feel like the website creation process is more fiddly and flat-out uglier unless I really tweak things. I have no idea if Wix would solve my issues above. And the Wix Restaurant Orders app has a few reviews about orders not showing up, which would be absolutely unacceptable.

What's out there that I'm missing? There's no way that I'm the only person that wants to sell like this. Does anyone have any advice for what I should be doing?

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