Developing a newish kind of product. How do i analyse the potential market demand?

I have a particular product in my mind which does not exist on the market yet. Its a spin on an existing product, however its slightly complex in the sense that its electronic based and will require atleast basic engineering to get it designed.

Ive already found a supplier willing to make the product for me, but before i jump the gun i want to make sure i cover my bases.

This product is similar to something which has been around for years now in a niche market. I was thinking if I could calculate exactly how many products were sold in this market, via the online route, i could guess the size of my market. If the market does indeed exist, then i can actually go for production and hope for the best.

Im fairly new to this, i went to fiverr to ask for some sellers but most people seem to only be experts on amazon. Is there anyway to estimate the total size of the market (some custom websites exist which sell this product) as well?

How difficult is to judge product sales on amazon anyway?

Another potential route i was thinking was emailing these niche websites with my proposed product and seeing what their reaction is. In a case like, there is a small chance my idea could be copied but id be willing to roll the dice. Does any one else have any good suggestions?

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