Help Needed: How to Handle Customer Requests for Low Package Customs Values?

Hello everyone! I really hope I can get some help from other folks in this sub.

TLDR: How do other professional companies handle the shipment of international orders, specifically in regard to customs forms, for relatively-expensive items?

I work at a small startup, with a handful of employees, currently run out of our home. We have been operating for a few years now, and we make very good profits. The items we sell can be very expensive, and can range from $250 – $5000. Because we grew so fast, we are still struggling with growing pains — like a teenager whose muscles have grown fast, but his bones still need to catch up — we are making quite a bit of money, and have improved in a lot of areas, but our infrastructure is still amateur-ish.

One of the ways in which we still are doing things poorly is in how we ship international orders. We have many clients who will order, say, a $1500 item, and then ask us to declare a low value on the customs form, to avoid import fees. Another reason they ask this, is that some of our customers in Mexico regularly have highly-valued packages stolen by the local cronies, and low declaration values help protect against that, apparently.

While we definitely don't want our customers to have their packages stolen, I feel like, as Peter Parker would say, "I missed the part where that's my problem". We ship internationally via DHL, and provide tracking, signature, and insurance, but we don't want our customers getting their packages stolen. We are also nervous that, if we reject these requests by our international customers, our international business will tank.

So, the question is: how do other professional companies handle this situation? The items we ship are antique items, and we do think that there may be some special limitations on import fees for such items, but we need to figure out how we would do that.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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