High Risk Orders

I just got an order on my shopify store that was marked as high risk because: *Billing address does not match credit card address *Billing ZIP doesnt match the credit card ZIP *Shipping address is 1104 miles away from location of IP address.

I fulfilled the ordered and just checked it was delivered and I had the money paid out to my bank account.

After this order, the same person ordered 3 more items but with a different email address and also another person ordered 2 items but the shipping address is the same as the first person.

Please help. Should I fulfill all orders or should I cancel and refund the money. All orders are marked as paid. Is there any way I can be scammed with this situation? It definitely seems fishy but the first order seems to be okay. It was delivered and money was paid out.


EDIT: forgot to mention that the shipping address is not residential but for some logistic company in Florida.

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