How do you test your products designs and set your inventory size?

Hello hello 👋

Just started few months ago in the journey with some friends. We found a product which both: grab our interest and where we see some demand.

We brainstormed last time and have been stuck on this question. Our choice is to go for us handling inventory instead of going fully on the dropshipping model due to high shipping timings.

Our product have different designs and therefore we would (I assume) need to :

1/ Test the different designs to see market traction;

2/ Set a minimum inventory size for each design depending on the market traction.

We still are at early stage (planning): – We don’t have yet built a community around the product; – We don’t have the social networks set yet; – Due to a a budget already pressured, we would like to go for a no or low cost way to minimise expenses; – We are EU based.

Any ideas/comments are more than welcomed 😃

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