Is there a store builder suitable for my needs?

At the moment i am 99% happy with my current, small and local store builder but i miss some features that i really need.

  • I sell new and second hand products. In my country there is no need for VAT if i sell second hand products to private consumers. But for business VAT is preferred. I would like to add 2 prices on a product so they can choose whats suitable for them. A simple switch that changes all the prices on the site would also work. But i need to set both prices manually. So not auto-calculated by a VAT%.

  • My current store builder has a free online up to date CSV product feed. As far as i know Shopify and WIX etc dont have that. I like to set up my own google shopping via a feed so not via a external like WIX does(also adds another mothly fee)

  • Big plus would be if besides hosting also an email service is included.

Are my needs out of the possibilitys of a SaaS store builder?

Besides above i am very happy where i am now but the small specific needs are enough to change to another platform.

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