Only images in email marketing

Growing my company and having an internal disagreement about how we should write our emails: should they be written text or should the text be in the images? I'll elaborate below. We're using Klaviyo by the way…

So we have our Welcome Email Series, and I'm all about that looking nice and big pictures. Those are in images that we create then upload into Klaviyo.

Then we have one-off emails. New deals, maybe a survey, an exciting announcement, a fun game (we're a fun brand). This I felt could be more a mix of images next to text that actually typed into the email. We make it pretty, but the text is in there in the email.

I don't know why the one offs would be different than the welcome, but I feel like sometimes I hear if you only have images in your emails, you'll be sent to promotions. Or is that not true? What are the pros and cons of writing up and email and including images or just having your email be one big image or 3 different images?

Thank you in advance!

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