Struggling with shipping costs

Hello everyone,

I'm starting my business and as the tittle says, im struggling with the shipping costs.

I'm from Portugal and I'm starting shipping regularly to (1)UK and (2)USA. The product itself (clothing, specifically hoodies) will costs around 38€ ($40 +/-) and I can't get the shipping costs lower than 16€ ($18 +/-) to UK and 25€ ($28 +/-) to USA. I tried CTT (local carrier), DHL and UPS – all of them gives me high numbers when I tried to budget it on their website. The package itself is a bit bigger than a shoes one and weights around 1,0KG/1,5KG. It's normal to cost that much? Is there any alternative to reduce costs? Should I try to ship them in a shipping "bag" to reduce the dimensions?

How can companies get such lower shippings costs? Almost all shipments are around 10€/$10 on almost sites.


(1) – More regularly.

(2) – Few times.

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