Why Your Rep Needs the New CX Sales Mobile Application

Recently, Oracle partnered with Denis Pombriant, founder of Beagle Research Group and prominent CRM analyst, to unearth the perspective of more than 500 sellers in the U.S.

90% of those sellers reported that parts of their jobs take longer than they should, and one of the top culprits was entering notes in their CRM.

The respondents also let us know that they take sales calls in very unlikely places, and because of that, they need tools which support them:

  • On vacation (50%)
  • At the dinner table (40%)
  • At a social event (33%)
  • In the bathroom (30%)
  • At the gym (24%)
  • On a date (16%)

If sales reps’ top complaint is that entering notes in the CRM takes too long and that they are virtually all over the place while doing their job, it sounds as if they need a robust mobile application to support them —an intuitive mobile application that enables them to make CRM updates in fewer clicks.   

Introducing the Oracle CX Sales next-generation mobile application:

Oracle CX Sales Mobile is built in our new Redwood User Experience designed to boost productivity. It’s now available for all CX Sales customers to adopt, free of charge, so all users can update records instantly.

Here are just a few of the enhancements making that possible:

Signing into the mobile app is a breeze utilizing face or touch ID. At sign-in, sellers are welcomed each day with a daily sales briefing pointing them to the tasks, opportunities, and appointments that need their attention the most.

By leveraging saved search history and actionable infolets across web and mobile, sales reps can get to what they need faster and take embedded actions.   

Native device integrations with camera, notes, and contact lists make it simpler than ever to add contacts, notes, and upload files to CX Sales, like scanning a business card or importing notes taken while on a sales call in the bathroom. The opportunities are endless.

For those of our customers currently leveraging the Oracle CX Cloud Mobile application, we’ve ensured that moving to Oracle CX Sales Mobile will be an easy transition by providing you a mobile migration assistant to move your customizations over.  

To get started, we recommend watching our Best Practices Session: Getting Started on CX Sales Mobile.

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