Starting up online boutique?


I have some general questions as I delve into the possibility of opening an online boutique. Up until this point I have done most of my e-commerce sales through poshmark. My inventory on there consists mostly of thrifted vintage items. I am now finding myself wanting to learn more about wholesale clothing and the possibility of opening my own online boutique. I would love be able to continue to sell the items that I work so hard to find as well as being able to make some more profit through reselling wholesale.

My questions is, how do I go about getting a sellers license in order to purchase wholesale clothing? I am based in Pennsylvania. I do not have an official business yet, since I have been exclusively selling through posh mark. Is there any other type of licensing I need to go forward with my concept? What are the best options to create a website?

sorry if these are novice questions, but since experience is so limited to reselling apps that I don't even know where to begin when considering starting my own business. any insight and tips are appreciated.

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