What does it takes to start a profitable ecommerce business?

Hi guys,

Please excuse my ignorance. I'm pretty new to ecommerce. I think I know a lot in terms of theory, but I don't have real experience. I've tried drop shipping before so I'm familiar with setting up a shopify store and running FB ads to it. But I stopped because it was never profitable for me.

Everyone is talking about how you should build a brand.

I don't understand.

Isn't it basically selling the same product as everyone else, but tweaking the design a bit. And then make sure all the photos/videos + website design looks good? And then I guess the cherry on top is packaging it in a nicer box than amazon? Plus calling out your target market in your headlines. i.e. acne spray for sweaty athletes!

Along with some big statements like sustainability + <insert nasty chemical> free? Every single brand I see is like a glorified instagram page with people wearing/holding the product. Is this what branding is?


So if you have a branded website (assuming the product is decent) + run a lot of paid ads (FB/Goog) with retargeting, then you're set? I see that most "brands" actually sell at a premium compare to your traditional "brand". Is this how they are able to remain profitable after marketing/product expense?

Or am I missing something?

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